Nowhere to Grow

Tossed a few things out of the work fridge this morning while I was waiting for the coffee maker to heat up.

They did their best to take root. Thwarted by the plastic barrier. :(



Struck out at Goodwill today but found this lighter at the Antique & Flea next door. I'm pretty sure it's a Coco Joe's but any sticker that may have been on the bottom is long gone.

Not too many chips or dings.. overall in nice condition. The lighter top is stamped JAPAN. So it's likely not some later "Made in China" version.

On top of it all, today was Fishbowl Friday. I chose a purple egg from the fishbowl and got 20% off. :)

Here's a bonus link to someone's insane Coco Joe's collection.



Over the holidays I received a Prestige 2 liter stainless steel pressure cooker.

I wanted a small one so I can just cook some vegetables or a small meal for two. I've cooked collards, beans, carrots, potatoes.. it's awesome. 7-14 minutes in here is like 45 minutes to an hour or more. Sometimes it's nice to have crispy vegetables but it also nice to sometimes have a carrot that melts like butter.

I've already decided I'd like to have a 6-8 liter one for doing things a little bit bigger and have set up camelcamelcamel to catch a deal.


Linguini and Bob

I found a tiki print shirt at Goodwill yesterday. The label on it is "Linguini and Bob". I've never seen that one before. Is it vintage?

I did some poking around and the trademark was from 1992 until about 1994-5 where it was abandoned. Turns out it was owned by Viewpoint International Inc. which also owned the Tommy Bahama line of clothing as well as a bunch of other "island style" labels. Viewpoint was subsequently purchased by Oxford Industries Inc. right here in Atlanta. Small world.

So still the question remains... Is it vintage?