Frosted Village

Found a frosted tiki glass from Disney World's Polynesian Village Resort today at Goodwill:

I've had a few clear ones and given some away in the past and all those said "Polynesian Resort". Seems to be the same case with the other ones I find online. Clear = "Polynesian Resort" and Frosted = "Polynesian Village".

Anyway... now I have one of each to keep each other company.


Earth Badge

Admittedly this was probably a lot easier than actually walking through the center of the Earth. Thanks Fitbit.



Timeanddate.com has a nice little interactive graph for sunrise/sunset times. Here's the one for Atlanta: https://www.timeanddate.com/sun/usa/atlanta

Note how jarring the DST changes are. End Daylight Saving Time!


Ordered the Banana Waffles

(thanks to Greg for the title)


It's got feet

I got a new lamp today.

Found it at Once Possessed. I like it.