Happy Jack

Happy Halloween

Don sent me a link to this cool Rezillos video from '78. MoAM? did a cover of this and it's always been one of my favorites.

That got me watching YouTube. Now you can watch The Genuine Miracle of Pyrex. It's pretty spooky.

Happy Halloween from Agent317x.


Pumpkin Craving Party

Richard sent me a better picture from the Pumpkin Craving [sic] Party:

Thanks Richard & Becky!



Cool enough for Cat Magnets

It's finally cool enough to put the SnuggleSafes under the cushions in the cat beds. Yay.

Coffee Snob in the Making? (probably not but...)

I guess since SquirrelBoy got one I'll be a lemur and chime in.

Several years ago my friend Sam told me about Keurig. I had a Senseo and was content. I made my own pods for the most part. I kept watching the Keurig, Senso, and other single serve brewer news over at SingleServeCoffee.com. Even though I really liked the coffee the Senseo makes and the crema-like layer it would put on top, I was constantly lured to the variety of K-cups available.

A few weeks ago I got one of the Keurig brewers from Costco. I'm pretty pleased with it. (It's still all Sam's fault.)

Most coffee pods are in bags of 18 or so. Once you open the bag, you've opened them all. Then I feel committed to use that bag before opening others. Each K-cup is sealed until you put it in the machine and brew it. So I can buy a few boxes of a bunch of different coffees and brew whichever one I happen to feel like drinking at the time. It's like being as the Baskin-Robbins of coffeedom.

Here we are with some Gloria Jeans Cappuccino flavored cofeee.

I think I had underestimated the ease of use of the Keurig. The Senseo was not hard to use by any means but it did require a little more rinsing and wiping etc. With the Keurig you just drop the K-cup in, close the lid and push a button. When the coffee is done about a minute later, just open the top and remove the K-cup. Done. Good decent coffee with little fuss.

I've been able to find K-cups for $0.25-$0.44 each. That's a bit pricey compared to just brewing a pot from ground beans but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a crappy cup of coffee somewhere. I also think I wasted more coffee by brewing a pot of 6 cups etc. when all I really wanted was one big mug.

It also comes with a "My K-cup" thingy that basically contains a reusable filter basket you can fill with your own coffee. So when I just want a cup of Chock Full O' Nuts (so much for being a coffee snob now) I can brew one up. There are also things out there like the K-cap that will let you reuse K-cups.

Now that SquirrelBoy has a Keurig too, it should be easier to hit the minimum order needed to qualify for free shipping and help keep prices down. Yay :)


Not Cool

We've been having a lot of trouble with the AC freezing up any time the outside temperature isn't insanely hot. We've fixed coolant leaks, charged the system and it's still not happy.

This is all the crap Walt scraped off my evaporator coil this afternoon. I'm guessing that's probably 15 years worth... or possibly 30 if they didn't clean it when they replaced the furnace.

Above is how the coil looked after scraping the dry crap off. It then got a nice coat of cleaner/foam and was closed back up. The condensate ran brown afterward. I'd have to say this must help.

It's running now. We'll wait for the sun to go down and see how it does.


The Ultimate Solitaire

I was talking to one of my coworkers about archive.org and the wayback machine and it go me searching for myself in the past. Well... I stuck "Elrod Montana" (uh huh... a way-old BBS name... stop laughing...) in google and it actually turned up something: ftp://ftp.apple.asimov.net/pub/apple_II/images/games/board/solitaire.dsk.gz

I had completely forgotten about Dan's version of Solitaire for the Apple //e that I had wrapped some happy graphics around and out on The BBS to share with the Apple ][ world.

I still have my //e and can see it from here. I probably still have the original disk too. However it was easier to go find an emulator and boot it up here on the Mac.

Whoa... all the wild scrolling begins.

Yep. That's it. 7C2... we were really geeks back in high school.

It was pretty good solitaire for the Apple ][ too... I wonder how many people ever had their monitors on their sides to play it?

(The emulator software I found called Virtual ][ is really nice. I'm not sure if I want to pay $30 or just take my Apple //e down off the shelf though.)

Thanks W.J.T.!!!




Zorak came to visit me today. He's hanging out at the trash can.