Tiki Towel

Scrappy found the coolest towel at an Alvin's Island at Ft. Walton Beach.

I always keep my eyes out for a tiki towel when at these types of place but have never found one.

Thanks Scrappy!



Circus Cake

Mmmm a nice tan cake with animal crackers running amok. I'm not sure about the toothpicks either. We couldn't do that today or some child would surely lose an eye. I'd still probably eat some if served with ice cream.

At least there aren't any olives on it.

Party Sandwich Loaf

The only possibly good thing I can say about this one is that it's not a gelatin mold.


Banana Sea Foam

Mmmmmm. I always figured sea foam should taste banana-y. Those strawberries sure do contrast with the rest of the creation. Perhaps there was a shark involved?

Actually this one might taste OK. It still scares me.

Be Afraid...

Snuffle Square: Mythical Tiki Shirt

Snuffle Square: Mythical Tiki Shirt

Yes! It does exist!


Nothing to Spare

I leave work today and the tire pressure indicator comes on. I have no

*** UPDATE ***

Yes indeed the front left tire was low because of a lovely nail. It's all fixed up now. It's time to lose the two front tires soon anyway as they are the last of my previous set of four that I never rotated. Bad Grantbob.

Build a Bar

Squeak found this somewhere:

It's very cool.


Wish I was in the Commander's Kitchen

Today at lunch I picked up a copy of Commander's Kitchen at Goodwill.

"Let the good times roll!" it says... and then It appears to have been signed by two people (or maybe one person and the thing with the 2002 in it is a chef's hat. ) If you happen to know what those scribbles are, please let me know in the comments or something. I'm just curious now.

(I was previously wondering if one could be Jamie Shannon, but he died of cancer in 2001.)

If you haven't been to Commander's Palace and happen to be in New Orleans or Las Vegas you need to check it out. Have a Bloody Mary for me.

Singing Moai

Good times.

54 Cent Water

Taco Bell wanted to charge me $0.54 for a cup of water today at lunch. That's just nuts. Needless to say I skipped it and just had some extra sauce.



As promised. Here's the project I spoke of yesterday:

This drink recipe came in an email from WAITIKI:

WAI NIU (pronounced Vai Nee-uu)

3/4 oz. lime juice
3/4 oz. simple syrup
1 1/2 oz. coconut water (go Brazilian if you know whatup)
1 1/2 oz. coconut rum

Shake with ice (rocks, not crushed). Serve in a lowball glass.

(I had to ping Mr. Ho for the mixing and serving directions.. they had mysteriously been left off of the email)

Anyway, it's quite good. The coconut water I used was actually a Thai coconut water that still had little chunks of coconut in it. I strained those out before adding to the shaker. I'm sure it would be fine with them in as well. It's waaaaaaay sweet but the fresh lime cuts through very nicely. The coconut water was mostly sweet and much lighter on coconut flavor than I expected I may have to hit some of the other local markets and see what other brands and varieties I can find. I think "wai niu" means "coconut milk" but my Hawaiian is still really lacking.

I plan to experiment with a few variations using Sailor Jerry's spiced rum and/or falernum. These would take away from the purity of the drink but add some spice. They might also prove to be a little overpowering. We'll see.

So go out and try this one if you want. Also get yourself a copy of Waitiki's Rendezvous in Okonkuluku to relax to as you enjoy your Wai Niu.


Still not mowing...

Today I picked up the A-B Beach Bum Blonde Ale I mentioned in my earlier post on the A-B Spring Heat Spiced Wheat offering. I also got some Shiner Hefeweizen.

The Beach Bum is a bit of a letdown after tasting the success of the Spring Heat. It's got a good hoppy start but really seems to lack any sort of a body. I also didn't care for the finish... a bit too bitter and rough. It's not particularly bad but it's not something I'd buy often.

The Shiner Hefeweizen is pretty wild. It has a lot citrus aroma which is a warning that it's about to smack you in the mouth with a lemon which it then does without disappointment. It has the nice mouth feel and body of an unfiltered wheat beer like it should and a nice finish that has just a hint of honey sweetness. It's easy to overdo it with honey in a beer but they got this one just right. If you like a traditional Hefeweizen this might be a bit much. But if you like the Belgian white beers with the whole "coriander and orange peel" thing going on you might like this Shiner. I do.

I'm working on another project called "Wai Niu" for the fine musicians of WAITIKI. I'll let you know how that goes int the next post.

(I went to 3 Goodwill's and at least 5 "antique" stores/malls today. NOTHING good out there.)


Under the Truck

This appeared on my desk this morning while I was off in the lab installing stuff.

I'm not sure why.


Receipt of the Beast

I stopped by Kroger this morning. I bought some apples, some soda and some half & half.

Apples. 13 cents for tax. Not a good total. Maybe I should have gone and swapped apples or put my thumb on the scale. We'll see how today goes.

At least there are three 7's in the date.


Bubble Lamp!!!

Margo (not her real name) got us a present for our office today:

It's a USB Perpetual Bubble Lamp. I've got it set up right next to the machine playing Pink Floyd right now.

Thanks Margo!


Gem of the Pacific

I finished reading the first book of the Hitchhiker's Guide series yesterday so I took a timeout to read my newly acquired book Hawaii, Gem of the Pacific by Oscar Lewis.

I had forgotten that the Hawaiian Islands were once know as the Sandwich Islands. Evidently The Earl of Sandwich was a good friend (or boss) of Captain James Cook so when Cook bumped in to the Hawaiian Islands on his third voyage he named them for John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich. In an amazing coincidence I had just eaten a bacon and tomato (real tomatoes) sandwich for lunch.

The book talks about poi a lot. The more I read about poi, the more I really don't want to try it.

I looked for tikis. Not surprisingly there's no mention of them but I'd sort of hoped to find one in one of the illustrations. Nope. This illustration was nice though:

I found it interesting that the entire island of Lanai was bought by "one of the leading firms of pineapple growers" (Dole) in the 1920's. Evidently the pineapple industry is being phased out (pineapples aren't native to the Hawaiian Islands anyway) so tourism there is starting to increase.

On the whole it was a nice read. I don't really get along with history books too well but this one was made for kids and kept it pretty simple for me. :)

I also noticed that although the copyright date is 1954, the book goes all the up to 1960 in the last chapter so this has to be a later version. I thought they copyright was updated when there were reprints with additions but I guess I don't really understand how all that works.


Yard Sale Adventures #002

I managed to hit a few sales this morning. It was cool out, overcast and looking like rain. One of them was a full-house Estate Sale that I think got hit pretty hard on Friday. There was still a lot of stuff left and they were in 50% off mode. I got through a few more and stopped a local produce stand in Tucker to get some goober peas. Once it started to rain I dropped by my local Goodwill and called it a day.

Today's damage from the estate sale:
  • Hawaii, Gem of the Pacific by Oscar Lewis (1954)
  • Holland House Cocktail Mix measuring jigger (these are awesome)
  • Texas Instruments TI-2500 Datamath Version 3 calculator (it has some corrosion from the original batteries that were left in it but who knows.... it may work)
Damage from yard sale:
  • One blue Coleman cooler that fits in the boot of my car (great for transporting goober peas)
And from Goodwill:
  • Two Trader Vic's Plain Coconut Mugs that seem to be in great shape. They seem like they must be a little more recent that some of the ones I've found references for on the web and in my books. The bottom reads "MADE ONLY FOR TRADER VIC" in a circle and then "USA" in the center.

Altogether I spent about $4 for everything except the goober peas.
Peas, peas, peas, peas
Eating goober peas
Goodness, how delicious,
Eating goober peas.
(yes, I grew up singing this song about them.)



This is a picture of someone working on my roof.

Since some people ask...

Why Agent317x?

(You'll have to click on it to get a readable version.)

Some more info about Dynagroove here: Dynagroove


Tiki Army!

I found some Libbey tiki mugs at Cost Plus World Market today.

They're not nearly as bright as the photo makes them seem. Anyway I bought 2 of them for display and another 6 for daily use. I don't use too many of my other mugs too often so it will be nice to have some daily drivers around.



D&D strike again with this fine tiki-print shirt found at a Goodwill somewhere in Marietta (I think.) It's got tikis, tiki torches, a volcano, surfers, outriggers, and wahines on it. It's originally from Old Navy and is in great shape. Quite a find!



Happy Independence Day

Today was Independence Day.

The day started out at Margo & Jim's (not their real names) secret hideout. It's located north of Atlanta and south of Tennessee.

It's a mysterious place.

Lots of people were there.

Hans hunted crocs and kept us all safe.

After hangin out in secrecy for a while we went over to the city of Acworth to see my brother-in-law play with his band Cry In The Sun.

They played a good set and there was much rejoicing.

I think I got sunburned.