Noon to Six . Oysters. 4/28/07 // rp //

Three days ago I got an email with the one line you see in the title above. Hooray! Another year has passed and it's time for oysters at Richard's from the Big Green Egg.

I'm not one to eat them raw but they sure are good with a little decoration and a short stay in The Egg. Evidently we weren't the only ones eating oysters today as Richard had a bit of trouble locating his lot this morning. The search paid off well though as he located a few boxes of quality Apalachicola Bay Oysters from 13 Mile Oyster Co. Good stuff. I had to leave after only a few but I'm already looking forward to next year.


Great Tikis of Fire

A year or so ago some very cool friends of mine brought me back a little tiki lighter from The Mirage. His eyes light up and fire comes out of his head. Who can beat that?

He's on the shelf in one of the cabinets between the Hawaiian Village Barrel O' Rum and Mr. Bali Hai. Tiki Bob keeps a set of watchful eyes on him from the rear.

Tonight on Huma Kon Tiki I ran across a post about another artist's blog who just happens to be the father of this flaming little guy. Check out John Skewes and his post "The Tiki Odyssey" which details the origins of this design and how it got fired up... and John got burned. It's still a good story. I've got to keep my eyes out for the matching soap-on-a-rope.

Spaghetti Junction

A twice daily event in my life.

I've always wondered how it got created. Now thanks to xkcd we know: http://xkcd.com/c253.html


New Tikis and More

Radar Vic and Tron The Beachcomber arrived yesterday from Tiki Farm. Also along for the ride was Don Ho's Tiki Mug. They look really swell on the bookshelf while they eagerly await the arrival of the Intergalactic Island Hopper (Hurry up Tiki Farm!)

Tiki-hunting at the local antique and thrift stores proved fruitless. However I did run across Harold McGee's "The Curious Cook" for $1.50 at Goodwill. I had recently added this to my Amazon Wish List after reading some of his articles in The New York Times so it was quite a find to run across it at this Clark Howard approved price.