You don't want to be in that box...trust me.


Saturday Tiki Find - Aloha!

This was a pretty good Goodwill find yesterday:

A nice Trader Vic's Aloha coconut mug. I don't have any exactly like this one.

I have a version of a Trader Vic's coconut mug that just has "Trader Vic's" inscribed on the bottom and no words on the sides: See this older post

Then I have another version of the mug that just has "Aloha" and "Trader Vic's" (no "Since 1934") on the side with "Trader Vic's" inscribed on the bottom: See this older post

This one has a "Trader Vic's" stamped in black paint on the bottom. I couldn't really get a good picture of the bottom but there are some good examples on Ooga Mooga.

I need to do some more research and see if I can put these in chronological order.


Coupon Of The Day

I had a REALLY GOOD coupon at Publix today.

They canceled it though. :(

(They actually missed the coupon altogether after trying to figure out what happened and reverse it... it was only $0.70 or so and it was the cashiers first day or something. I had $0.70 worth of fun watching them try to figure it out and asking to be paid in twenty's. )