Tucson Sun Gods

Somehow these two guys escaped a previous post. I caught them while I was rustling stuff up for today's earlier posts.

They were rescued by Scott & Family from The Kon Tiki in Tucson, AZ late last year and delivered shortly after the birthday extravaganza.

The one on the right is a limited run of that color (It's really more of a green than a blue... it's crummy out today so I'm having to make my own lighting which is throwing things off.) The one on the left is the standard one you can get at the restaurant.

I really like this design. It has a "squarishness" similar to the Sam's Seafood Marquesan. I'm not really sure why I like these square designs as they'd be impractical to drink out of without a straw... maybe that's why I like them.

They were accompanied by a scorpion bowl but it sadly didn't survive the return trip to Atlanta.

From the report I got from Scott it sounded like Kon Tiki was a pretty hip place for drinks in Tucson.

When it rains...

I go tiki hunting.

I started off this morning and hit the rainy roads of over to Larryville.

This one was waiting for me at Goodwill:

It's a Treasure Craft mug from Hawaii. I couldn't find out too much about it but was able to find more on Treasure Craft here: My Antique Mall . One of the antique & flea's next door had an extremely overpriced no-name mug and statue but I didn't bite on those.

Next I found an Orchids of Hawaii Leilani mug in Snellville (where everybody is somebody):

Evidently these are very common but it's my first. You could send off a few bucks to the Leilani Rum folks and get a nice box of four. I think they went out of business before I reached drinking age so I'll just have to find some more to make my own set.

There are many version of this one: Some are stamped R-91, some have only one face (this one has the bace on front and back), some say Tiki Leilani on the base, some say nothing on the base etc...

If anyone comes across a Leilani display like this one please let me know.

Mytrle Tiki

I picked up this one on my trip to Myrtle Beach on the Grand Strand this week:

He's got two faces stacked like a totem. I like that.

It's even stamped on the side so I don't have to remember where it came from. If you want to be more specific it came form the convenience store in the huge Sand Dunes resort a few resorts down from where we stayed at Jade Tree Cove. Also note that there's a cool waterfall with tikis in front of it across from the California Pizza in Sand Dunes. I tried to take a picture but I only had my crappy Sidekick camera on me and it was too dark to make anything out.

My other tiki find was a shirt from Tiki Jim's. I was there about two years ago and they didn't have any "Tiki Jim's" shirts with tikis on them. Someone woke up and now they have three or four tiki designs. Hooray!

Lucky Tiki from Florida

This guy turned up at Goodwill a few weeks ago:

He's a "Lucky Tiki Idol" from some touristy destination in Florida.

See? It's even stamped Florida on the back in case you didn't believe me.

There's a taller similar mug with a similar stamp that I don't think I have. I really should catalog these things. One day...

Bonus Tiki

These wooden Ku mugs were an unexpected bonus from Dad's tiki-pottery efforts:

Someone else at the studio saw what he was doing and I guess the story came out that his crazy son collects tikis. Thus I've ended up with another pair of someone unwanted artifacts :)

I'm not sure exactly what kind of wood they are made out of (I was thinking monkey pod wood but maybe something else after closer examination). They are pretty similar to some of the giant wooden spoons and forks I have that were from the Philippines.


Dad's Tiki

A while back my dad started doing pottery again. Last year I requested a tiki of some sort for my birthday present. After a lot of work and a couple of firings the finished product was unveiled this week.

This is the best tiki ever.

He has an open bottom and a small hole on the top offering lots of lamp possibilities.

I like the thick ears... he'll need those in the living room.

I did a test lighting the inside with a color-changing LED nightlight I picked up at Costco a few years ago. I'll be working on something more permanent but this gives you an idea of how it will look:

(sound provided by birthday card from Bear & Family)

Thanks Dad!

Salvation Army Family Store

This on is VERY nice inside when compared to a standard Goodwill. Less
junk, more new stuff, and everything is generally in better shape.
Probably not so good for tiki hunting but I won't rule it out.


Last Weekend's Tiki-Find

I went out Saturday morning for a haircut so I had no other choice than to stop by the local Goodwill. What did I find? Nothing.

Later we were over at Northlake so I figured I might as well check out the other local Goodwill...

He's a Sakura (by Oneida) mug/vase designed by Paul Brent. He's got a nice Tiki Zombie print on his web site too. Evidently this was part of a set with some mugs and platters with tiki-art on them and stuff. I've found other bits of it here and there on eBay and elsewhere on the net.

It's in good shape except for a small chip on the noise.

Mask Of Doom

The Skull of Doom and his partner in crime are developing quite the thrift-store "Eye of Tiki" and netted this really nifty mask on a plaque:

He kind of reminds me of the Wham-O witch doctor in the book I'm currently reading.

If I had a pair they'd make some mighty tall book-ends.

Tiki B-Day

It all started out way back in January where the best people ever threw me a:

(one too many la's but the point is well understood by anyone on my IM list)

It was complete with a:

The drink of the evening was the Dark And Stormy. My version... with Reed's Extra Ginger Brew and Meyer's Dark. :)

Many tikis were present (or were presents) such as the fabulous love tiki:

A nifty bamboo tiki that can be lit from the inside:

A really crazy tiki-card that plays jungle beats when you open it:

(we'll hear more fromt his later I hope)

Tiki Farm's Hot Head Tiki by Joe Vitale:

and Shag's Tiki Drink Deck:

It was a lot of fun with lots of friends and family present. Everyone was completely tiki'd out with tiki wristbands, tiki drinks and even original tiki art. Oddly (or luckily) no one took photos. ;)

Thanks again to everyone!


Way Behind...

I'm way behind in posting a bunch of tiki-stuff for this year. I'll get some of it done this weekend (or maybe even before then!) I'll make my promise here to give me a little extra motivation to follow through. If you don't see anything new here by Monday please yell at me and call me slack.