Winter Wonderland

It's here in the office already.


I'm not from Texas

The guy on the right is though.



I have two of them.

One even with box and assembly instructions.


Google Sky Map - on Android

I've finally left the Sidekick era and moved on to a new "smartphone". While I'll probably always be an Apple person at heart I was able to get a much better deal on a Motorola Cliq with T-Mobile.

The Cliq runs the Android OS and so far I have no regrets. There are lots of fun goodies to play with. Tonight I tried out Google Sky Map:

It's kind of weird to hold your phone up to the sky and point it at things to see what they are. It really works though... pretty cool.


G Muffin

This is how I roll...

Thanks Sarrah!




This one got a lot of play when I had my first record player. I hope to resurrect it along with Blinky The Lighthouse Ship sometime soon.


I had to erase my dry-erase board this morning. This Geometron has been with us for several years. He has now been saved for posterity by Jeff's iPhone.

(All Geometrons carry ice-picks.)