Man or Astro-Man? @ Whirlyball

We went to Whirlyball to see Man Or Astro-Man? last night. I had been to Whirlyball before and wasn't sure how a setup was going to work there... it doesn't. The show was great though.

Videos from YouTube (thanks to mst3kreview who posted these):

And a compilation video from Rob Downs:

Man...or Astroman? Live at Whirly Ball, 05.05.10 from rob downs on Vimeo.

Star Crunch was a delight to see and hear after all these years. Coco missed a sample and was jeered by the crowd. Star Crunch made him do a few push-ups and all was well again. Birdstuff was in his usual amazing form. Victor Vector (ChromoCrunch... Jonny) makes a great fourth astro-man. I will hope that working together again will give them an urge to do something new and maybe record again. They rock.

Moon Dawg & Agent317x outside Whirlyball

I got to see some folks I hadn't seen in 5-10 years so that was cool. I don't think I've been out until 2 AM in as long either. :)


Special Event Air-Fresheners