Over a year...

It's hard to believe that I've been putting stuff on this blog for over a year now. It all started back on April 22, 2007... with a tiki-post. That's appropriate.

Decent Tiki-Week

This was a pretty decent tiki-week. It finally got started on Thursday at Goodwill:

I found this nice pair of Maui Lu Luau coconut mugs from the Maui Lu Resort in Kiheh - Maui. They're in spiffy shape and have markings from DAGA (c) HAWAII on the bottom so the mugs are at least post-1971. I'm guessing these are from some time during the 70's.  The resort still exists (even after a bunch of management changes.) I have to wonder what the story was for the couple who got these at their luau and how they finally ended up at Goodwill...

Today I wore two tiki shirts to work:

And the latest issue of Tiki Magazine was in the mailbox when I got home:

Not a bad tiki-week after all. I'm almost tempted to go find a garage sale in the morning.



No one really knows what mattresses are meant to gain from their lives either. They are large, friendly, pocket-sprung creatures which live quiet private lives in the marshes of Squornshellous Zeta. Many of them get caught, slaughtered, dried out, shipped out and slept on. None of them seem to mind and all of them are called Zem.
- Douglas Adams
From Marvin and the Mattress in Life The Universe and Everything.



Wahine lamp:

Found by Sam at Goodwill during lunch today. It's not quite tiki. Close though.


Veggie Bites

This morning I tried some Morningstar Farms® Veggie Bites Country Scramble little nugget-like things. They're not bad. They actually have a little zip to them. If I had some tortillas I'd toss some in with a little salsa for a breakfast burrito sort of thing. If you hate cooking or just want something fast, these fit the bill and microwave up quickly.

The only thing is that once I read the ingredients on some stuff like this, the more I think I'd rather just have some bacon and eggs.


KC Pitt

Still open in old location.




This one is from 2003-2004... probably done during a meeting.


Mt. Atlanticus

If you're going to Myrtle Beach you must go here.

I went there last year and this was the best mini golf course ever (would be better if it had a few more tikis but I guess you can't have everything.)

More pics and stuff here: http://www.theputtingpenguin.com/files/minigolf/Mt_Atlanticus.htm


Desiccant Update

We met Scott for lunch Friday at Arby's. He presented us with 4 packets of desiccant.

The three at the bottom are the standard silica gel. The one at the top left was a fairly monstrous packet of some form of bentonite.

Woohoo! It continues to fill.

On a related note, a friend sent me a link to a pillow on Etsy.