Ft. Wilderness

Starting out today at the trading post before heading to the RV to join other bags for breakfast.

Good Day for Goodwill

Saturday turned out to be a good day for tikis at Goodwill.

The two guys are a pair of fairly generic Orchids of Hawaii R-74 or Dynasty Ku clones. They have no markings on the bottom, just an oval "China" label. I have another one of these that's just a touch smaller.

I also found a pair of clear glass Walt Disney World Polynesian Resort glasses. These aren't supposed to be too uncommon but they are the first one I have found. Evidently the frosted versions are older and a bit more desirable. These guys are really thick and heavy. They'd look good with a nice colorful drink in them.


Caught in the storm...

Escaping the park just as the downpour begins...

I'm not sure I want to know what is behind the bag.

Upgraded to the Polar Patio

Two nice guys bring the bag food and drinks all day long... what bag could ask for more?

Back at Blizzard Beach

Looks like someone forgot the sunblock this time.


Base 21

The bag has good connections. Ahhh… AC.

Fish and Chips!


What all bags dream of.

A long time ago.. (minutes)

in a galaxy not so far away…

On the way to Hollywood (Studios)

We heard from the bag early today on the way to a Star Wars all-day event.

Hope it gets to meet Chewbacca.

(Note the sporty new "First Visit" button.)


Looks like the bag narrowly escaped the Yeti at Expedition Everest.

Thanks to a kind soul it was able to return unharmed.



No communication from the bag today.

I hope it is OK.


11:17 AM Wednesday - Bag at the jacuzzi

The bag is finally mobile today. He decided a drink and a dip in the
pool is a good time!

9:39 AM Wednesday - Late start for bag

Hanging at the tree houses.


Adventures at Disney World!

Nope... not me. Just my Arctic Zone soft-side cooler.

Here we see the Arctic Zone starting off the day at Blizzard Beach:

And here we are on a bus headed to another Disney Destination :

Where will it be tomorrow? I'll let you know next time I hear from it.


Crazy Al's Rum God Mug

This mug was created for some sort of bar tending competition in Australia last year sponsored by Appleton Estate.

It was designed by the amazing carver Crazy Al Evans and made by the fine folks at Tiki Farm. They ended up doing another limited run of them so those of us who didn't happen to be in Australia at the time could obtain one.

He's quite cool with lots of nice detail. Mine is #134 of 250.

Zombie Place Mat

One of my traveling friends located this Paul Brent place mat at a local RV-O-Rama.

It will go well with the matching zombie tiki mug and S&P of the same design.

I have a serving tray and a print of the zombie from this series as well but they didn't make it out for the photo op.

Mahiumi; Goddess of the Shell Ginger Flower

Heather got me this mug this spring (mainly because of our cat Ginger I think).

It's a nice original from Tiki Farm. I really like the colors.

I like the cat too.

PCB Shot

I didn't get this at Panama City Beach, but someone did... and it ended up at Goodwill.

I have been there once though... maybe twice.


Scott and Family of Tuscon Sun Gods fame rounded up this guy somewhere down in Florida.

He looks pretty good hanging on the wall or on the front door too. Thanks guys! :)

Fall Find - Federal Sea World Mug

Yeah... I'm way behind in tiki-land.

I found this one at my local Antique-Flea Market last fall. There are evidently at least two different version of this that were made for Sea World. Some were made by Fire King a brand of Anchor Hocking. Other were made by Federal Glass Company. Fire King mugs in general are remarkably collectible. Federal glass... not so much. Mine is Federal. He's still pretty cool to me.