I found another tiki t-shirt this afternoon at Kohl's.

Yep.. it's there on the glass. You gotta have a good eye for this obsession.


We all live in a...

This is possibly the coolest thing ever. I want one. I'll name it Buddy.

Go HERE for more info.

Cosmic Energy

Thanks Mike! :)


Wheel of Lunch

The Wheel of Lunch is something I made up last year to help us decide where to go to lunch when we are indecisive.

It's basically some spare parts from a box fan (that I broke) along with some other parts from around the office.

The real trick is making sure the foosball man does not fly off while spinning it up. It's very unstable and causes a lot of vibration. It is not advisable to run the Wheel of Lunch for more than one or two seconds at a time.

We left some room for expansion on the current wheel. Right now if the indicator lands on an empty spot we just give it another spin. Plates are fairly interchangeable so there are lots of other possible decision-making uses for the device.

We still just use it for lunch though. Sometimes.



I made spugnole pasta with a meat sauce for dinner. The pasta is pretty neat and really holds on to sauces. Not bad.

This is one piece of spugnole. They're rather large.



Mike and I went to Audio Alternative to pick some stuff up, then went to Harmony for vegetarian Hunan lamb, chinese pizza, and some pan-fired dumplings. Good times.

Then Mike took me over to Global where I exchanged promises of little green scraps of paper in return for a fully functional Maxwell. I'm not happy about it.. but at least he seems to be working now.

On the way home I stopped by and bugged my dad for a bit then dropped by Richard's house a bit closer to home.

He has some new cats. I think this one is Smith (or maybe Wesson.) I'm not really sure but he's very sweet and playful.

We looked at some cool photos and then I helped delete some invisible files (that seem to have some from some sort of Sony Memory Stick) that had been preventing Richard's trash from emptying. I'll be going back soon maybe... it's almost time for oysters.

I'm ready for a nap.


Bad Day on the Midway

Today didn't start out too bad. The adventure started when I left form work. Maxwell cranked just fine this morning but not so this afternoon when I was headed home. Nothing. Nada. Nil. SquirrelBoy and I tried to jump-start Maxwell but that didn't work either. It would try to engage the starter but then "thonk" it would quit and all the electrical system would sort of reset itself. There's no good way for a flatbed tow truck to pick up Maxwell in the parking deck so we figured we needed to get it out which we could do since it was downhill (advantage: parking on the second level.) SquirrelBoy and The Bear were able to push me out and down the ramp. I actually managed to pop the clutch at the bottom and get it started (advantage: manual transmission.)

I was having to do something soon anyway as the AC isn't cool and one of the windows isn't working quite right (disadvantage: windows that must "dip" when door is closed to fit in the car body.) The running lights are doing flaky things too. I had scoped out an independent mechanic who could probably do some of this work in a week or so so I guess there was no other option for the car to do anything but self-destruct TODAY. SquirrelBoy followed me to the dealer to make sure I didn't spontaneously combust or something.

I'm going to blame this all on the automatic car wash I went through a while back. It's not true but it may make me feel better.

Heatherbob had to go all the way across a jacked-up 285 to come get me. We went to TGI Fridays and had some nice fried green beans (you can get everything fried these days) then got back on a nice still jacked-up 285 (at 8:00PM) for a return trip home.

In the morning (my day off) I get to getup and jump start the battery in the Rodeo (because it's dead too) and go get it replaced. Maybe I'll be able to drive it until we figure out what's wrong with Maxwell (if I buy some more brake fluid to keep the clutch happy.)


Sam made me use Twitter again today. There's window of twitter-chatter ("tweets" maybe is what I think they are supposed to be called) on the left-hand column of the blog.

Good times.

Thanks Easter Bunny! Bok Bok!

Naturally... the squirrels were curious.


Why are bananas curved?

This morning a coworker asked "Why bananas are curved?"

So... of course... I had to look it up. I found it at banana.com.

Bananas possess a unique scientific phenomenon called "negative geotropism." As the little bananas start to develop, they grow downward--as gravity would dictate. Little by little, several "hands" or double rows develop vertically and form a partial spiral around the stem. As they take in more and more sunlight, their natural growth hormones bring about a most puzzling phenomenon, and they begin to turn and grow upward. - Link
Thus this cause the curve.

Thanks banana.com.


Silica Gel Check-Up

It's really pretty amazing how much silica gel has accumulated. Many of my coworkers have now been trained to bring their packets in from home and deposit them upon arrival to work.

We're almost to halfway.

People keep asking what I'll do with with it when it's full. I don't know... but I'll consider any suggestions posted in the comments.

See this post and this one if you missed the early days of the jar.

(Pay no attention to the angry geometron with the icepick on the whiteboard... they're mostly harmless.)


Three Philosophers

Today's beer more than makes up for anything that's been lacking in any beer lately. It was part of a gift-pack that my brother-in-law got me for Christmas. I just haven't had a chance to try it until now.

Three Philosophers from Brewery Ommegang is a wonderful marriage of a thick malty quadrupel and just enough of a kriek (cherry lambic) to balance it out without putting any one flavor over the top. Every sip is a mouthful. This stuff puts anything watery to shame. If only all beer were this fulfilling.

This is definitely something I'd drink again. No contest.


Recent Tiki Finds

I've been striking out a lot at the Goodwill's and the "Antique" stores lately. I'm still making a few finds here and there in other places.

I picked up this little waterfall at Walgreen a few weeks ago when I was picking up a prescription to save me from the plague. It comes with rocks and a little candle. You're supposed to fill it up with water and light the candle. I wisely tossed the candle and have not put any water in it. I'm going to work on an LED retrofit... and skip the water completely.

Yesterday I picked up this planter for pretty cheap at Big Lots. They had a few other "tiki" things but they more more along the lines of the Party City "Luau Party" line of stuff. I have some of that but I prefer things that look like they were carved out of trees or rock.

It's almost time for yard sales. There is hope.

Mississippi Mud

I picked up a few Mississippi Mud Black & Tan's a month or so ago.

The packaging was really cool and it was fairly cheap. I haven't got around to trying it until today for various reasons. Well, today the sun was out, NASCAR was on, and I hadn't taken any ibuprofen for a few days so I figured this was my chance.

It says it's a mix of a pilsner and a porter. It has a nice taste and is fairly drinkable. Perhaps it could be described as a bit watery. On the whole it's pretty bland for what it is. I think I expected a little more... something. The bottle sure is cool though.