Safety First

I'm the Assistant Tenant Safety Warden for our office.

Margo (not her real name) got me a cool fire helmet with this thing on it that has lights, a siren, and and an amplifier to talk through while giving evacuation orders.

I had to surgically remove the electronics from the mask as it crushed my face with the mask down. It is now safely separated as a hand-held unit that I have attached to a lanyard.

Thanks Margo (not her real name). We all feel safer now.


Facebook Poll

People are bugging me to join facebook. Should I? Shouldn't I?

I put a poll on the left hand side of the blog. Let me know what you think.

Update: 12/7/08
The poll closed on 12/1/08 with No beating out Yes 17 to 15. This is what I would have chosen anyway. So in any case.. no facebook for now. Plus I think the name is really dumb.


Microwaving Soap

I've watched Ted Allen and the PopSci guy microwave some soap a few times on Ted's Food Detectives show. It looked really cool. I wondered how it would work with some glycerin soap we got at Disney World last year. I cut off a piece and gave it a try. It eventually bubbled and started to foam but was not as spectacular as the one on TV (maybe I should try Ivory or something).

Anyway... what it did do is fill the microwave, kitchen and now the house with the intense smell of the soap. I can barely breathe. Ugh.

Heather will probably think it smells nice when she gets home.