Still not mowing...

Today I picked up the A-B Beach Bum Blonde Ale I mentioned in my earlier post on the A-B Spring Heat Spiced Wheat offering. I also got some Shiner Hefeweizen.

The Beach Bum is a bit of a letdown after tasting the success of the Spring Heat. It's got a good hoppy start but really seems to lack any sort of a body. I also didn't care for the finish... a bit too bitter and rough. It's not particularly bad but it's not something I'd buy often.

The Shiner Hefeweizen is pretty wild. It has a lot citrus aroma which is a warning that it's about to smack you in the mouth with a lemon which it then does without disappointment. It has the nice mouth feel and body of an unfiltered wheat beer like it should and a nice finish that has just a hint of honey sweetness. It's easy to overdo it with honey in a beer but they got this one just right. If you like a traditional Hefeweizen this might be a bit much. But if you like the Belgian white beers with the whole "coriander and orange peel" thing going on you might like this Shiner. I do.

I'm working on another project called "Wai Niu" for the fine musicians of WAITIKI. I'll let you know how that goes int the next post.

(I went to 3 Goodwill's and at least 5 "antique" stores/malls today. NOTHING good out there.)

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