There's a Moon in the Sky

(it's called the moon)

Today was a really crummy looking day. I went out to the Apple Store at lunch with some of my coworkers. I've been an Apple user since 1983 or so but I've never been to an Apple Store. I was less than impressed but I guess maybe I expected something more. I was also disappointed that they wouldn't replace my friend's broken iPhone holster because it has been "more than 14 days." I'll just stick with mail order. It's less personal but you expect that.

In any case the day cleared up a bit and by evening things were looking much nicer.

Nifty clouds.

Here's the moon.

All in all a better day than it looked like at lunchtime.

I'm behind on blogs entries and such. Dave & family found me a cool tiki fork over the weekend that's bigger than any of my current tiki forks. I'll post something about it soon.

Tonight's featured beer: BridgePort Black Strap Stout
I kind of like this one despite it not being as sweet as I normally like a stout to be (I like sweet stouts.) I thought it would be as it was talking about black strap molasses and all. I sometimes forget that it's the lactose that makes a sweet stout and there's not much of that in molasses. It all ferments out. It does leave a nice hint that something really sweet used to be in here though. It smells wonderful.


Jeff said...

That was a nice looking sky.

SqueakyClef said...

Yes, very behind on blogging you are.