Come on in and stand a spell

Today we added some new seating.... umm.. I mean standing to our office. Meet the Stand-In.

My parents got this "chair" at an auction back in '83. I spent my high-school years with this thing in the dining room. It's in our office now for the comfort and pleasure of our visitors.

Here's a little background info on it:

I've done a little poking around and it looks like a Westnofa still exists. They make foam mattresses now but it sounds like they may be related. I also found some stuff on the net that claimed Westnofa was a marketing firm as was also responsible for getting Ekornes over to the US. This makes sense to me. I actually have an Ekornes couch at home. It one of the few you can find that has three separate reclining sections.

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Kim said...

That's the oddest looking thing I've ever seen.