Enchanted Tiki Room

Back in December I made a pilgrimage of sorts... back to the Enchanted Tiki Room at Walt Disney World. They've redone the show and updated it with some more modern-era birds from more recent Disney flicks but it was still well done. Lots of fun for all!

No that's not my scooter... man were those things annoying though. I may get one next time I go back.

Watch out for things lurking in the garden...

The height of animatronic insanity.

Unfortunately a lot of the show is in the dark so it's hard to take it all in... let alone take photos.

And what better way to energize after the show with some iced coffee from the local tiki hut concession stand.

One day I plan to make it out to the original Enchanted Tiki Room in Anaheim. One day...

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Kim said...

It's like your Mecca.