Decent Tiki-Week

This was a pretty decent tiki-week. It finally got started on Thursday at Goodwill:

I found this nice pair of Maui Lu Luau coconut mugs from the Maui Lu Resort in Kiheh - Maui. They're in spiffy shape and have markings from DAGA (c) HAWAII on the bottom so the mugs are at least post-1971. I'm guessing these are from some time during the 70's.  The resort still exists (even after a bunch of management changes.) I have to wonder what the story was for the couple who got these at their luau and how they finally ended up at Goodwill...

Today I wore two tiki shirts to work:

And the latest issue of Tiki Magazine was in the mailbox when I got home:

Not a bad tiki-week after all. I'm almost tempted to go find a garage sale in the morning.

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SqueakyClef said...

I guess the pic taken of you in your shirt was not taken with Jeff's camera.