Wrapper from my after-dinner mint.

Tonight we finally checked out L'Thai. It's one of the the closest Thai Restaurants to our house but we'd never gone there. It's "organic" and all that.

Appetizer: crab & cream cheese spring roll - not bad.. kind of like crab rangoon in a spring roll

I had the pad kee-mow with tofu and veggies. It was very good though not very hot. I asked for "medium hot" which at most Thai places is fairly intense. It was more like mild. Good flavors and the veggies were fresh and good. Next time I'll know to say "hot" or nothing at all and see how that goes.

Heather had nuah prix-khing which was in a really good chili-curry sauce that had building heat.

Dessert: F.B.I. - Bananas in rice paper deep fried (like spring rolls) served with homemade mango ice cream on some strawberry and chocolate sauce. This was truly evil... I thought it could have been done without the chocolate as it overpowered the milder fruit flavors in the ice cream. Neither of us needed it but we ate it all anyway.

They had a fairly extensive beer and wine list that I had a hard time not ordering from. Heather had some Thai iced-tea and seemed fairly pleased with it.

Service was great. They kept an eye on us but didn't bug us all the time. Works for me.

Take a look at the menu on their web site and see if it's worth checking out when you're over by us in Tucker.

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Kim said...

Ever considered becoming a food critic? It would be right up your alley. And the dishes on the menu look so pretty. Nice presentation. :)