Coco Sighting

Today I took Dad out to a late Father's Day lunch at Bangkok Thyme. I ran across Coco with one of the Refuel oil collection trucks between there and Food 101.

Here he is talking to Zach outside The New York Butcher Shoppe.

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Baron Nightwolf said...

Thank you. But just when is the next upgrade of Man Or Astroman? scheduled to blast off? There is already one of those "doctor bands" from the Church Of The Subgenius pirating the Astroman shtick: they are called the Amino Acids and they have at least one CD out: "Humanity Will Go Down Like Pins". When will the Astromen soar up to meet the challenge? And by the way, I am still willing to wait for a green light to begin "Man Or Astroman?:The TV Series". Please keep me on alert.