In Search of Falernum & The Bitter Truth

A week or so ago I was out and about in search of a new bottle of falernum as my trusty bottle of Sazerac Co. falernum was just about out. I had a hard time locating much of anything and a few searched of the internet indicates the the Sazaerac Co. quit producing it a few years ago. UGH!

I finally located some Fee Brothers falernum down near Decatur at Toco Giant. The Fee Brothers stuff is pretty good. It doesn't quite have the same level of "tang" and crispness that the Sazerac falernum has but it's very close. The basic spiciness of the falernum is all there. One notable difference is that the Sazerac falernum contained 5% alcohol and the Fee Brothers falernum is non-alcoholic. Perhaps the alcohol in the Sazerac version helped free more alcohol soluable compounds from the spices it was made from. The world may never know.

In any case, pick up some Fee's falernum if you see it somewhere. Not only is it good for tiki-drinks it's great on fresh fruit salad (plus the acidity will help prevent browing) and is actually nice on some vanilla ice cream. Or do what you're supposed to:

Daiquri Cocktail (as found on the Sazerac Falernum bottle)

Juice 1/2 Lime (or lemon)
1 1/2 oz Rum
cracked ice
1 tablespoon falernum

Shake until frothy. Strain into cocktail glass.
(I suggest Appleton Gold or a Mount Gay Barbados Rum... something with some color and flavor.)

Next to the falernum I also found a bunch of different Fee Brothers bitters. I'd bought a bottle of their orange bitters a while back and it was good so this time I picked up a bottle of their old fashioned bitters and peach bitters as well. The old fashioned bitters is a bit like Angostura bitters but with maybe a bit more sweetness and perhaps a touch of cinnamon. The peach bitters is also a bit sweeter, pretty peachy, lighter on the spices and very light in color. I'm actually enjoying bitters a lot with just a few drops (5-6) in a tall glass of 7-UP (or diet Publix lemon lime) soda. Bitters are kind of like Mrs. Dash for the beverage world. Pick up a bottle when you find some and give them a try. If you hate it, give it to me and I'll find it a home. If you like it, tell me about it. :)

BTW... if someone locates Angostura Orange Bitters somewhere near Atlanta please let me know where you found it. I've read good things but can't find it around here.

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