Coffee Snob in the Making? (probably not but...)

I guess since SquirrelBoy got one I'll be a lemur and chime in.

Several years ago my friend Sam told me about Keurig. I had a Senseo and was content. I made my own pods for the most part. I kept watching the Keurig, Senso, and other single serve brewer news over at SingleServeCoffee.com. Even though I really liked the coffee the Senseo makes and the crema-like layer it would put on top, I was constantly lured to the variety of K-cups available.

A few weeks ago I got one of the Keurig brewers from Costco. I'm pretty pleased with it. (It's still all Sam's fault.)

Most coffee pods are in bags of 18 or so. Once you open the bag, you've opened them all. Then I feel committed to use that bag before opening others. Each K-cup is sealed until you put it in the machine and brew it. So I can buy a few boxes of a bunch of different coffees and brew whichever one I happen to feel like drinking at the time. It's like being as the Baskin-Robbins of coffeedom.

Here we are with some Gloria Jeans Cappuccino flavored cofeee.

I think I had underestimated the ease of use of the Keurig. The Senseo was not hard to use by any means but it did require a little more rinsing and wiping etc. With the Keurig you just drop the K-cup in, close the lid and push a button. When the coffee is done about a minute later, just open the top and remove the K-cup. Done. Good decent coffee with little fuss.

I've been able to find K-cups for $0.25-$0.44 each. That's a bit pricey compared to just brewing a pot from ground beans but it's a heck of a lot cheaper than buying a crappy cup of coffee somewhere. I also think I wasted more coffee by brewing a pot of 6 cups etc. when all I really wanted was one big mug.

It also comes with a "My K-cup" thingy that basically contains a reusable filter basket you can fill with your own coffee. So when I just want a cup of Chock Full O' Nuts (so much for being a coffee snob now) I can brew one up. There are also things out there like the K-cap that will let you reuse K-cups.

Now that SquirrelBoy has a Keurig too, it should be easier to hit the minimum order needed to qualify for free shipping and help keep prices down. Yay :)


Jeff said...

How was the cappuccino?

grantbob said...

Well. It's not cappuccino. It's cappuccino flavored coffee. I guess they tried to give it some sort of creamy flavor. However since I generally use half & half mine was creamy anyway. You could taste a little bit of cinnamon but not much. Not bad by any means but nothing spectacular.

It came in the GJ flavored variety pack. Not something I'd buy a whole box of.

Unknown said...

Ah, yes. You, too, have been seduced by the dark side of the bean. Sam & I combine our orders as well and have saved quite a bit on shipping charges.

Hans said...

We use it primarily for tea. The coffees are hit or miss, you need to sample them to find some faves...

Tried one of the hot chocolates, it was terrible.