Final Tiki Update of 2008?

I'm way behind on tiki postings. I doubt I'll cover them all but will post a few highlights just to finish up for the year:

In November I finally ordered my Intergalactic Island Hopper decanter from Tiki Farm. I'd been trying to get this one for years it seems. When it was first announced it wasn't available. Then its release was delayed... and delayed again. I quit looking for it. Then it finally came out and sold out before I managed to snag one. They came across one last box of them somehow and I finally got mine. What tiki wouldn't want its own spaceship?

Along with this shipment I picked up Sam's Seafood Maori and Marquesan. Sam's is gone now but its spirit lives on as Kona. I particularly like the squareness of Sam's Maori. It might make it hard to drink out of but it looks pretty neat.

Then in early December I finally placed my order for the Queequeg Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Moai's MS Society Tiki Mugs. This was a very limited run of 200 mugs made to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. I squeaked in at #186 of 200. The swirly bits (hair?) on this one are great.

Then for Christmas, Heather got me a Trader Vic's Los Angeles Limited Edition Tiki Mug. Check out those cheeks!

Then to top it off she also gave me a game called Tiki Topple. It's very nicely designed and has very cool tiki pieces.

It's quite fun and requires a little more strategy (and luck) than you might first think.

I also got some more Tiki Fountains from folks (Thank you everyone!!! Really!!!)


Kim said...

Those are awesome!

Geoff B. said...

The swirls on the MS mug are Maori-style tattoos inspired by those worn by the Moby Dick character, Queequeg. To honor the MS Society the included tattoos symbolize health and life (the sun) and renewal (koru swirls).