You might remember the mug on the left from an earlier post late last year. It was my first real wahine mug that Dan found somewhere near San Francisco. Well I got a surprise Saturday in the mail when I got another one from Lois in Boise.

The one from Dan is on the left and the new ones from Lois is on the right. They are the same design but are probably done at different times.

The one on the left is stamped Japan on the bottom and there are no marks on the one on the right. I think maybe the one stamped Japan is probably older but I don't know for sure. The lettering and some other features are less worn on the one Lois found but that just indicates it's probably seen less use. They also have different eyes.

The glaze jobs differ a bit too.

Very cool. Now I have a set!

Thanks Lois!

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Aleph Null said...

These probably aren't legal in Alabama.