DTV for Cheap!

Look! I've got digital television. I'm high-tech.

I have a Zenith digital to analog converter I got for my grandmother with my government DTV handout a year or so back. . She has cable now so the converter box ended up back here. Unfortunately the remote control for it disappeared somewhere in the great city of Huntsvegas. You can't get to the setup stuff without the remote.

Luckily my mother-in-law gave me Emerson remote control that's bigger than my head for a 40th birthday present. It seems that the converter box uses the same control codes as some satellite converter box. Woohoo! I'm in business.

Add that to my $6 B&W TV I got from Office Depot (or maybe Staples) a few years back, dig up some rabbit ears and a bow-tie antenna, and I've got a better picture than this TV has ever had in its dreams (unless B&W TV's dream in color).

I'm going back to watching NASCAR on cable now.

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