Recent Tiki Finds: Leilani & Dynasty Green

Behind on the tiki postings... must catch up a bit.

3 or 4 weeks ago I picked up a Tiki Leilani mug at my local "antique" store. This one is supposedly pretty common but I've never come across one before.

This one is probably from Orchids of Hawaii as it seems identical to many of the ones I can compare it to on Ooga Mooga. It has "Tiki Leilani" around the base but it's hidden by the jungle in the photo above. The bottom is clearly marked USA.

There are two more of these left at the store if anyone needs one (I'm not a hoarder.)

Yesterday I ran across this guy at another "antique" store in Tucker:

I'm pretty sure it's a Dynasty Green Tiki (DW113) made by Dynasty Wholesale. You can see him here on page 3 of their catalog.

While not terribly special or hard to find as you can still get them today, it was interesting to try to identify. This one doesn't have any markings on the bottom while some of the earlier Dynasty models did. I'm guessing they dropped it from the mold at some point.

It's similar to the Shonfeld's Jagged Teeth Mug but the nose is slightly different. Both the Dynasty and the Shonfelds's are pretty much clones of an original Orchids of Hawaii R-5 mug. The biggest difference I can find is in the noses.



Orchids of Hawaii:

I hope you found this educational. I did.

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Hah. Interesting about the noses.