I read a book...

For my birthday this year I picked up a Kindle Paperwhite. I've tried reading on the iPad before but I never get very far. I either see some notification and go to look at that or I leave the book app to go look up something that occurred to me while reading and next thing you know I'm checking mail, twitter, G+ etc.

The Paperwhite is awesome. The way it lights the e-ink text works very well, is easily adjustable and there's no glare. It also doesn't have all the built-in distractions that the iPad has. I picked out a fairly short humorous science fiction title from my library web site (Year Zero) and read it in a few days. I haven't read a book like that in years. Most other books I have read lately are reference books, cook books, books full of tikis, and coffee-table type books. These types of things are better suited for print or maybe even the iPad than e-ink. For your basic all-text novel the Kindle is perfect.

Amazon link for Year Zero:

(I wrote this on my iPad while I was doing something else and it occurred to me to write a blog post.)

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Ilho Song said...

I really love my kindle! ;)