Tiki Bags & Ketchup

I finally got a chance to drop by one of our new Trader Joe's we have here in Atlanta. It's not quite a cool as the one I remember from San Francisco in the late 90's but I'm still glad we got them. I picked up some snacky things for work and some cool soap for home and got to put it all in a nifty Tiki Grocery bag. I had read about them on the Tikievents mailing list a month or so ago and was glad to find they had them here in GA (and still had some left.) I may have to go back and get more.

On a totally unrelated note (but in the same picture!) I've done a lot of reading about ketchup in the past few days. It started from a trip to Ketchup World from another blog somewhere (A Hunger Artist I think.) It's amazing how many different ketchups and ketchup-related condiments are out there. It got me to wondering about the history of ketchup. Evidently it got started from some sort of soy and fish sauce and eventually had mushrooms, walnuts, and all sort of other spices and flavorings added to it. Later on tomato ketchup became the standard for some reason. I guess that's good because I don't really want fish sauce on my hot dogs. However I did decide it might be cool to try and make some soon and found a few recipes (that don't start with 24lbs of tomatoes and a ton of mason jars.) Let me know if you try one before I do:


Unknown said...

I liked the No Salt Added ketchup.

grantbob said...

Maybe that's because you'd already over-salted your fries. I didn't like the stuff... needed salt.