Noon to Six . Oysters. 4/28/07 // rp //

Three days ago I got an email with the one line you see in the title above. Hooray! Another year has passed and it's time for oysters at Richard's from the Big Green Egg.

I'm not one to eat them raw but they sure are good with a little decoration and a short stay in The Egg. Evidently we weren't the only ones eating oysters today as Richard had a bit of trouble locating his lot this morning. The search paid off well though as he located a few boxes of quality Apalachicola Bay Oysters from 13 Mile Oyster Co. Good stuff. I had to leave after only a few but I'm already looking forward to next year.


laura said...

ewww! said the vegan. actually, i would have said that when i was still omni too.

Unknown said...

I personally love my oysters raw!! My favorite! Sad we missed this one!!