Do Over

What's wrong with this picture?

Other than the fact that it's taken with my not exactly great camera phone which is even more spectacularly awful in low light... It's a Waffle House that isn't open. Yes. That's right. 5:30 something in the morning and it's not open. Not that I go there or anything but every morning I sit there at the light and watch it. This just isn't right.

That should have been my first clue to turn around and go back.

My trip to Kroger went OK, but then when I arrived at Costco for gas, the lights were on but nobody was home (and the pumps were still locked.) Finally around 6:04 Costco gas man arrives and all is well... so I thought.

When I get to work I find that one of coworkers (who normally comes in much later) took my spot. I guess at 6:08 he though I wasn't going to make it in.

All these disturbing unnatural events caused be to leave my frozen lunches in the car so I had to go back out for a second trip. Ugh.

At least I didn't have to deal with the burning coffee pot this morning. I did check my receipts for 666 again just in case. I'm OK there at least. Ugh.


Kim said...

Jerr Bear, why do you hate Grant?

Rich said...

I told him not to do it!
Hey I didnt know you passed a waffle house. Can you bring me 2 eggs over easy and a waffle tomorrow?

grantbob said...

You must pass at least 3.

Bear said...

Don't worry Grant, it's not just you. We figured that he hates anyone who parks on the second level of the parking garage.