Grilled Pizza & Racing

After the chaos had cleared from the birthday party my brother-in-law Tom made some grilled pizzas.

I got the job of rolling the dough but other than that my only other task was consumption of product.

It was very good product indeed, rivaling anything you could get delivered and probably what is served in most restaurants. Simple sauce, cheese and sausage. The trick is grilling the crust and getting it just right. Tom had obviously done this a few times before and had no problems with it. Only minimal reference was made to his origin of this technique as found in Mario Batali's book Mario Tailgates NASCAR Style (I may have to pick this one up... please donate yours to a Goodwill near me.)

While we were grilling... in the world of the NASCAR Busch Series in Montreal:
Robby Gordon Goes Nuts: Link to news article at NASCAR.COM

I had no idea this was happening as I was recording the race at home and didn't get to watch it until this morning. I was stunned near the end when Robby Gordon was black flagged because her restarted in second position (after NASCAR told him to drop back to 13th) with what appeared to be a determined attempt to take Marcos Ambrose out of the race in retaliation for Ambros spinning him shortly before that at the beginning of a caution (which even Robby admits he doesn't think Ambrose did on purpose.) In any case, he took out Ambrose and went on to pretend he won the race. I like Ambrose but hadn't really formed an opinion on Robby Gordon. I have one now. It's not a particularly positive one.

At least it was more exciting that today's cup race at Pocono. Nobody could touch Kurt Busch... unfortunately.

8/8/07 - UPDATE
OK. Robby Gordon has made an attempt to make things better by offering to let Ambrose drive his other car at the next cup race. I guess he realizes now that he went a bit nutso. It's a nice gesture and might turn out good for Ambrose. NASCAR Link


Rich said...

You lost me at NASCAR but the pizza looks good. We were just talking about grilling pizza.

P.S. The visual verification is in a wierd font, is that a V or a U and is the b or lo?

Rich said...

......i know weird