Ow that hurts. I can't wash my car. There are still tikis.

I hope my recent pictures from my Las Vegas trip weren't too boring. I was too busy to say very much and never hit the internet with the laptop... just my phone. So you go what you got. At least I made out about $25 ahead from the Tiki Torch slot machine at Bally's. I generally only play slots with tikis or Martians on them. This usually works out well for me.

Today after lunch I got an MRI done of my wrist. I figured they'd want to inject something but I didn't really think about how much or where. They put my hand under the x-ray machine and went at it for maybe all of 3-5 minutes yet it seemed like 20. They only made 3 insertions but kept turning my hand to do different ways inside each insertions. I guess they had to get into all the nooks and crannies. It hurt like heck. At least they didn't leave many marks.

After that it was just 20 minutes of laying outstretched on the MRI machine's table with my hand out in front of me. Not exactly comfortable but better than being stabbed to death repeatedly with a needle. Maybe I can find out what's wrong with my wrist next week. I really miss foosball.

On the way home I found out that all outdoor water usage in our area has now been banned. I'm one of the few people left on the planet that still washes their own car. I don't do it very often but I do a good job and prefer to do it myself. I don't trust automatic car washes at all and don't want to pay someone I don;t know to do it by hand. I'm annoyed. My car is very dirty and I was planning on washing it this weekend. I guess I'll try to go to one of the DIY carwashes and try to do the best i can.

Undercover Funny sent me a picture to cheer me up:

I hope to go there soon. We shall see. He also got stuck on Space Mountain today. I hear they were giving pony rides.

Overall I'm very grumpy right now. I'm going to Rocco's to have some chili and see/hear Cry in the Sun. Maybe that will make me a better person. If not, the worst it should be able to do is give me heartburn.


Unknown said...

I've heard of contrast CTs, but I didn't know they injected anything for an MRI. What's the deal with that?

grantbob said...

This is a good description of the procedure: http://www.cdirad.com/Default.aspx?tabid=251

Kim said...

If you're near a Goo Goo car wash, I'd recommend them. The best $9 wash I've ever had .. and free vacuuming.

Sorry about your hand. But I feel your pain. I hurt my wrist more every time I foos. :(

SqueakyClef said...

Poor Lil GrantBob. I hope you feel 100% ASAP.