Not a Serena Libre

Barbar passed this one on to me from a book with a lot of Chilean goodies in it: The Serena Libre. (slight variation between Wikipedia and what we see here)

Well, for some reason I haven't been able to find plain papaya nectar at my local store. I know I can find some somewhere around here, I just haven't yet. So I used some papaya-pineapple nectar. So it's not a Serena Libre. I also used Peruvian pisco... so it's definitely not a Serena Libre since La Serena is in Chile.

I've probably violated both Chilean and Peruvian laws here. Then to top it off I put it in a tiki mug because... just because I wanted to.

Anyway.. it's not bad. I can tell that's it's just not what it's supposed to be because of the pineapple. The pineapple is just too prominent to let the subtle tastes of the pisco through. I have noticed int he meantime that the Chilean pisco has a little more flavor and aroma to it than the Peruvian pisco. Admittedly I've only tried one brand of each so far but I seem to prefer the Chilean. In any case they both rock when making a Pisco Sour with real limes.


Rich said...

You should bring that into work so we can sample it. 16oz sample :)

SqueakyClef said...
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SqueakyClef said...

Good idea Rick! Agent, anytime is fine with me.