Temps in Buffalo Grove

Curtis meant to bring along a little temperature data recorder with him on our trip to Buffalo Grove this week. I thought it would have been interesting to see but he forgot... so I dug some data up from Weather Underground.

We arrived late Monday night (around midnight) to enjoy the peak temperatures of the week. Never mind that it was snowing and we really had no idea where we were going except for some directions that we couldn't exactly follow 100% because of construction and detours.

Tuesday night we were brave enough to scrape off the car and venture out for dinner. Wednesday night it was getting colder still so we chickened out and ate at the hotel.

Thursday morning (see the lowest dip in the little red line above) we went out in the -4 degree temps to load up and scrape off the car again. We were out there for maybe 2-3 minutes but it felt like 20. Just walking forward with any exposed skin at -4 creates enough wind chill to make you feel numb.

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Curtis Forrester said...

Very cool. That's pretty much how it felt...brrr!