Yay Ubuntu!

Today I installed Ubuntu 9.04 Netbook Remix on my Acer Aspire One.

I was pretty impressed. The only thing I really had to select during the installation other than the partitions to install it in (only because I've left the original XP OS intact and bootable) was the English keyboard layout. They've really gone a long way toward making Ubuntu really simple to install and use. Everything pretty much worked right after the install. I didn't have to mess with the wireless card drivers or setup... it all just worked. The camera worked. The sound worked. Nice.

The screenshot above is the Netbook Remix "desktop". It makes most things easy to see and access on the smaller screens of the netbooks and other devices. You can still switch to a more traditional desktop but I don't see having to do that very often.

I've used Apple Macintosh computers at home since 1986 or so. I still want to replace my old G4 with something (the Aspire One I'm typing this on is faster than my desktop machine currently is) but the more I use Ubuntu the less I really want to pay more $ for a new Mac. I know I can go to the Apple Store and play with a MacBook for about 10 minutes and I'll be back in the Mac camp again but Ubuntu does gradually pull me over to the side from time to time.

I'd still have a problem setting up and leaving a Linux box (even if it is Ubuntu) with someone who isn't really "terminal savvy" or just a general geek. The Mac still wins in that situation. For those who don't mind the occasional adventure into the land of the terminal prompt but really just want an easy to use system, Ubuntu really does have the answer.

Yay Ubuntu!

Update: 5/4/09
I ditched Netbook Remix after about a week and went with a normal desktop install. Whenever I opened a new window with netbook Remix regardless of which desktop I was using I was getting huge windows that take up the whole screen even when they don't need to. I guess I'm too used to using a normal windowed environment on the Mac and on Windows. I still think the Netbook Remix looks really slick and is still a great alternative for some.

In any case I'm perfectly happy with the current 9.04 desktop and I'm still thinking about building an Ubuntu machine for my desk at home rather than upgrading to a new Mac.

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