Pogo Sketch Stylus

I picked up a Pogo Sketch stylus for $15 at Fry's this morning to use with my iPad (they are over with the cellphone stuff and in a tiny box that's kind of hard to find).

Even though I knew it would be small it seems even smaller when you try to use it. You write with a little fuzzy thing on the end that's maybe 1/4" in diameter. I was kind of surprised that you do have push down on it a little bit to write. You can't just gloss over the top. At first this seems annoying but it probably makes sense... you don't want it marking just because it is close to the screen (which sometimes happens with my finger). I kind of wonder how long this tip will last since you do have to mush it down a bit. It seems to make drawing little diagrams and marking stuff up a lot easier. It is also easier for highlighting text in Noterize since the tip of the stylus is smaller. I found this really hard to do with my finger... it seemed like I would highlight the wrong line or in-between two lines. With the Pogo I can actually highlight what I want. The plastic clip on it is made of shiny (and likely brittle) plastic. A lot of people have complained about this breaking off and I could see that happening. Looks like I can clip it on the inside of my Marware cover in the fold so it is out of the way and less likely to be destroyed.

My only gripe so far is that I wish they'd make it as long as a regular pen, or at least another inch or two longer.

$15 is probably a bit steep for what it is (you can find it for a bit less on Amazon and Noterize even gives you a discount direct from Pogo when you but their product). It does the job it's supposed to do so I'll use it for a while and see how it works out.


Anonymous said...

I made one of these using DIY info from the googleweb. It works really well. I used a metallic lead holder body and a snip of conductive foam. I think that the "pressing down" is really making enough surface contact to trigger the conductive stuff. Too small a surface area and it doesn't recognize your finger.

grantbob said...

I've also seen some posts from some people who have used the static protection bags that various devices come in.