Etsy for Dummies

I finally got around to finishing Starting an Etsy Business for Dummies during the long weekend away from work.

Allison and Kate did a great job putting this one together. It goes into every bit of detail someone would need to set up shop on Etsy to sell their wares. If you can use a web browser this book can get you the rest of the way there.  Even though getting around Etsy is probably the least of my problems I found the book very valuable for talking about all the other other elements of an Estsy shop from pricing your goods to marketing your shop. There's a ton of uncommon common sense within.

I have some thoughts in my head for up-cycling and selling some of my Goodwill and antique finds. After finishing the book I think I'm about ready to put together a checklist of fill-in-the-blank items to help me determine if this is really something I want to embark on right now or if I need to do some more homework.

If you've ever though about setting up an Etsy Shop it's definitely worth a read and to have on hand for a reference once you do. You can get your very own copy here: Etsy For Dummies.

Full disclosure: Allison is the spouse of one of my coworkers and gave me a copy with the hope that I'll open up a shop. (She's also a really formidable Words With Friends opponent.)

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