Great Tikis of Fire

A year or so ago some very cool friends of mine brought me back a little tiki lighter from The Mirage. His eyes light up and fire comes out of his head. Who can beat that?

He's on the shelf in one of the cabinets between the Hawaiian Village Barrel O' Rum and Mr. Bali Hai. Tiki Bob keeps a set of watchful eyes on him from the rear.

Tonight on Huma Kon Tiki I ran across a post about another artist's blog who just happens to be the father of this flaming little guy. Check out John Skewes and his post "The Tiki Odyssey" which details the origins of this design and how it got fired up... and John got burned. It's still a good story. I've got to keep my eyes out for the matching soap-on-a-rope.


Curtis Forrester said...

Nice tiki's - let's worship them.

grantbob said...

Some background for the last comment: http://photo.humuhumu.com/v/jackchicktiki/