New Tikis and More

Radar Vic and Tron The Beachcomber arrived yesterday from Tiki Farm. Also along for the ride was Don Ho's Tiki Mug. They look really swell on the bookshelf while they eagerly await the arrival of the Intergalactic Island Hopper (Hurry up Tiki Farm!)

Tiki-hunting at the local antique and thrift stores proved fruitless. However I did run across Harold McGee's "The Curious Cook" for $1.50 at Goodwill. I had recently added this to my Amazon Wish List after reading some of his articles in The New York Times so it was quite a find to run across it at this Clark Howard approved price.


Unknown said...

I approve of the Clark Howard approved price. It gives us all hope for a better, cheaper tomorrow.

Unknown said...

So, you're married? Ah, man!

christine said...

Very nice find