All Hail Crisco!

I put fbreader on the n800 yesterday so I could add some reading to my evening streaming. Then I headed over to Project Gutenberg to find some old yet interesting things to read. So far my favorite is The Story of Crisco from 1916 or so.

After making it through the introduction it's evident that Crisco is the best thing that has ever happened to society. Yes, that's right... better than the iPhone in fact. It is the definition of purity, the perfect fat, and the most economical substance ever invented. It's a wonder anyone can digest food without it.
Equip your children with good stomachs by giving them wholesome Crisco foods—foods which digest with ease. (pg. 15)
I'm definitely going to pick up and extra can this weekend and start plowing through all these recipes. I might start with Meat Cakes. Yum.


Jeff said...

It's not better than the iPhone.

laura said...

hooray for trans fats!