n800 Tunes

I'm still liking my little Nokia n800. The other morning I installed a port of streamtuner on it. It makes find something on SHOUTcast and some of the other severs out there pretty easy. Just search and click... Good tunes. I often go to sleep with the radio on so I figured I'd try it with the n800. There was only one problem... there's no "sleep timer" to turn it off after 30-60 minutes or so. Bummer. :(

Hey, wait! It's a linux box. Open Xterm, get root, shutdown -hP 60. Done.
Elegant? No. Functional? Yes.

If you're in need of some tunes to stream I suggest:


Jeff said...

I like that solution.

NORoslo said...

hi, I'd like to use the method described above for turning off the radio on the N800. However when entering "shutdown" command in the osso xterm the command is unknown. Would you explain the procedure in detail. Thanks a lot.

grantbob said...

You need to be the root user first. I installed the becomeroot package (if you don't have it you may need to add one of the repositoies that has it which can be found here: http://www.gronmayer.com/it/ just select your OS and search for "becomeroot")

Then when you get to the command line issue the gainroot command. Once you've done that you should be able to issue the shutdown.

Hope that helps.