Sorghum Beer

I picked up a six-pack of Redbridge beer today. I've seen it around but never tried it.

It's an OK offering from AB aimed at the gluten intolerant celiac crowd. It's brewed from sorghum instead of wheat and barley. Unfortunately the audience for this type of thing is larger than we might expect. It's nice that AB is making an effort to market something for this problem as well as bring some public awareness to it.

It's a lager. Doesn't have much of a nose... nor much of a hoppy bite. It does have a pleasantly sweet taste (not too over the top) with hints of molasses. The aftertaste is a bit too astringent though... enough to make me probably not buy it again. Not bad. Nothing special to me.

In the picture you'll also see a nifty pirate skull mug and lunchbox that some friends brought back from the Pirate House (I think that's the right place) from a recent trip to Hilton Head. It's my only skull mug. :)


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