Wheel of Lunch

The Wheel of Lunch is something I made up last year to help us decide where to go to lunch when we are indecisive.

It's basically some spare parts from a box fan (that I broke) along with some other parts from around the office.

The real trick is making sure the foosball man does not fly off while spinning it up. It's very unstable and causes a lot of vibration. It is not advisable to run the Wheel of Lunch for more than one or two seconds at a time.

We left some room for expansion on the current wheel. Right now if the indicator lands on an empty spot we just give it another spin. Plates are fairly interchangeable so there are lots of other possible decision-making uses for the device.

We still just use it for lunch though. Sometimes.

1 comment:

Curtis Forrester said...

Are we adding KC Pit to the wheel then?