Mike and I went to Audio Alternative to pick some stuff up, then went to Harmony for vegetarian Hunan lamb, chinese pizza, and some pan-fired dumplings. Good times.

Then Mike took me over to Global where I exchanged promises of little green scraps of paper in return for a fully functional Maxwell. I'm not happy about it.. but at least he seems to be working now.

On the way home I stopped by and bugged my dad for a bit then dropped by Richard's house a bit closer to home.

He has some new cats. I think this one is Smith (or maybe Wesson.) I'm not really sure but he's very sweet and playful.

We looked at some cool photos and then I helped delete some invisible files (that seem to have some from some sort of Sony Memory Stick) that had been preventing Richard's trash from emptying. I'll be going back soon maybe... it's almost time for oysters.

I'm ready for a nap.


christine said...

Does Richard want a puppy to go with new cats?

Unknown said...

Did someone say "puppy?" Puppies are good.