Recent Tiki Finds

I've been striking out a lot at the Goodwill's and the "Antique" stores lately. I'm still making a few finds here and there in other places.

I picked up this little waterfall at Walgreen a few weeks ago when I was picking up a prescription to save me from the plague. It comes with rocks and a little candle. You're supposed to fill it up with water and light the candle. I wisely tossed the candle and have not put any water in it. I'm going to work on an LED retrofit... and skip the water completely.

Yesterday I picked up this planter for pretty cheap at Big Lots. They had a few other "tiki" things but they more more along the lines of the Party City "Luau Party" line of stuff. I have some of that but I prefer things that look like they were carved out of trees or rock.

It's almost time for yard sales. There is hope.

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Kim said...

I have GOT to see you house. I can't imagine how you make room for what must now be an enormous collection.