Bad Day on the Midway

Today didn't start out too bad. The adventure started when I left form work. Maxwell cranked just fine this morning but not so this afternoon when I was headed home. Nothing. Nada. Nil. SquirrelBoy and I tried to jump-start Maxwell but that didn't work either. It would try to engage the starter but then "thonk" it would quit and all the electrical system would sort of reset itself. There's no good way for a flatbed tow truck to pick up Maxwell in the parking deck so we figured we needed to get it out which we could do since it was downhill (advantage: parking on the second level.) SquirrelBoy and The Bear were able to push me out and down the ramp. I actually managed to pop the clutch at the bottom and get it started (advantage: manual transmission.)

I was having to do something soon anyway as the AC isn't cool and one of the windows isn't working quite right (disadvantage: windows that must "dip" when door is closed to fit in the car body.) The running lights are doing flaky things too. I had scoped out an independent mechanic who could probably do some of this work in a week or so so I guess there was no other option for the car to do anything but self-destruct TODAY. SquirrelBoy followed me to the dealer to make sure I didn't spontaneously combust or something.

I'm going to blame this all on the automatic car wash I went through a while back. It's not true but it may make me feel better.

Heatherbob had to go all the way across a jacked-up 285 to come get me. We went to TGI Fridays and had some nice fried green beans (you can get everything fried these days) then got back on a nice still jacked-up 285 (at 8:00PM) for a return trip home.

In the morning (my day off) I get to getup and jump start the battery in the Rodeo (because it's dead too) and go get it replaced. Maybe I'll be able to drive it until we figure out what's wrong with Maxwell (if I buy some more brake fluid to keep the clutch happy.)


Sam made me use Twitter again today. There's window of twitter-chatter ("tweets" maybe is what I think they are supposed to be called) on the left-hand column of the blog.

Good times.

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christine said...

I think you need to call a 'do-over' day for your vacation day. That stinks..sorry :(