Cocktail Babble

Last week I made a Manhattan. It was good. This past weekend I picked up some Fee Brother's Orange Bitters and made another one with that instead of Angostura bitters. It was good too. Yesterday I made a Southern Manhattan. It was a bit (ok... a TON) on the sweet side... not bad, but a bit over the top.

This week I also found some some Stirrings Blood Orange Bitters. The Stirrings is a bit different than other bitters. It's quite diluted and is in a simple syrup base instead of alcohol. You have to use a bit more than most traditional bitters but it still has a nice spice to it. If you don't want to add more sweetness it's not the bitters to use.

All in all I think I'm liking bitters and will probably pick up different ones when I find them. Each has its own distinctive flavor profile that adds a bit of itself to whatever you put it in. Just a small amount adds something to a drink without taking away from the base flavor profiles. I've even started putting a dash or two of various bitters in 7-Up to give it an twist as well as evaluate the different tastes of the bitters.

Tonight I'm just sipping on an ounce of Meyer's Dark. No bitters. It has a beautiful smell as well as a great taste. It makes me want it to be cold so I could make hot buttered rum.

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