As if phone, email, IM, SMS, and this blog weren't enough I've been playing with Twitter more recently. I've discovered it's a great canvas for just making stuff up. Today Sam got me messing with Jott. It can tie in to just about anything. Now I can call Jott on my phone and make stuff up for it to post on Twitter. Jott's pretty neat and has a lot of potential for reminders and such. If you like to talk on the phone, check it out. I still use Sandy for reminders. I like how I can just send her and email and let her sort it all out.

Evernote's out now too. I messed with it a while back and it's a pretty cool glorified super-clipboard. I'd never pay for something like that but I'd never use it enough to need to go on to the paying level.

Now I just need to figure out how to tie it all in to GrandCentral.

Maybe I just need a new iPhone.

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