Here's How

A few weeks ago I was picking some stuff up from my dad and he had run across a really nifty book that probably came from my grandmother Hazel Ripley (Seals). It's a cocktail book called Here's How, Mixed Drinks, by W.C. Whitfield and decorated by Tad Shell.

It has a cool wooden cover imprinted with the title and picture and is bound by a leather lace. The three gents in font of the cauldron are now doubt mixing up something devilish.

It was publish by Three Mountaineers in Asheville, NC. Evidently they made it until about 1992. The name may still be owned by someone. I haven't found much other info.

1941. Everyone probably needed a drink.

I looked up the Sazerac and they call for vermouth. That's a new one on me. I guess they're using it as a form of bitters. I'll have to give it a try.

Ugh. They left out the sugar or simple syrup too. That doesn't work so well... did that once by accident.

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