I made ABC News tonight!

Well... sorta.

I was cooking dinner tonight when I got an urgent call from JerrBear and Dr. T. Evidently Dr. T was watching a story on ABC Nightly News about Twitter and how people use it to complain about their ISP, phone company, etc. and all of a sudden a little tiki picture with "grantbob" next to it was shown on screen.

I was able to find the newscast on the web.

Yep that's me.

You can go watch the whole thing HERE.

Evidently back when they shot this story (looks like a while ago) they did a search for "Comcast" shortly after one of my problems with them.

Ever since I watched the guy in the Comcast truck cut my cable, drive away, and then had the fine folks on the phone tell me they didn't do that, I really haven't had much faith in the company (it took about a week to get the cable back on.) I think this particular tweet was from a time where I called them to report an outage but did not schedule a service call. Service was restored in a few hours but they spend the next few days calling me and leaving me messages about my upcoming service call. I had to call back on two different days and spend about 20 minutes trying to cancel a service call I never requested.

They probably showed up anyway when no one was home.

BTW: Comcast did reply to at least one of my tweets but I never saw it at the time as my twitter settings were not set to show replies from people not on my list. This is not always going to be an effective method for them to reach out. I think they should spend more time with the people who actually do call and request help.

Update: Here's the original: TWEET


christine said...

That is awesome. Go you!

Kim said...

Can I have your autograph?